CEMENT TILES - finishes


  • Cement tiles with natural finish: the surface is matte and slightly dusty. After installation and grouting, the floor should be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly with water. Sealing after complete drying.

  • Cement tiles lightly polished at the factory. The surface is hardened, semi-glossy and the lines are crisp. The surface reveals grains of marble powder or sand that give the tile an aged appearance.

  • Non-slip cement tiles: treatment of the surface results in a rough, matte and non-slip finish, even in humid environments. The floor must be sealed after laying and drying.

  • Standard Terrazzo finish - polished. Terrazzo is made by mixing grains and decorative elements with a coloured cement binder. After hardening, a 2 to 4 mm surface polishing reveals the marble or crystal inserts

  • The Terrazzo and Granito anti-slip finish is achieved by treating the tiles after polishing. The marble or glass aggregates stand out and appear slightly in relief. The tiles are totally matte and non-slippery. The floor must be sealed after installation and drying.