MOSAIC factory manufactures an innovative spin of this traditional and highly resistant product: Terrazzo. Our range includes modern terrazzo designs with colorful marble or glass aggregates, as well as the possibilities of creating your own terrazzo combining the aggregates with the cement base of your choice. We cater to every project.


TerrazzoSTOCKTerrazzoWILD Collection

  • Terrazzo 40x40 & marble Pink

    Terrazzo 40x40 & marble Pink

  • Bespoke Terrazzo tiles

    Bespoke Terrazzo tiles

  • NewYork <a href=@onyxcoffeelab" border="0">

    NewYork @onyxcoffeelab

TerrazzoLARGE CollectionTerrazzoPHOTO Gallery

  • Kitchen splashback in micro-terrazzo

    Kitchen splashback in micro-terrazzo

  • 40 * 40 tiles, Terrazzo

    40 * 40 tiles, Terrazzo "stone"

TerrazzoMARBLE 5 CollectionTerrazzoSTONE Collection

  • 40 * 40 tiles in patterned Terrazzo

    40 * 40 tiles in patterned Terrazzo

  • Terrazzo wall ref. Wild large

    Terrazzo wall ref. Wild large

TerrazzoMARBLE 10TerrazzoPATTERN