MOSAIC factory, an industrial group founded in Tangier in 2002, manufactures floor and wall tiles as well as furnishing and decorative elements. All collections are customisable and sold through our online shop, showrooms and customer service.

  • cement tiles, carreaux ciment, baldosas hidraulicas, zementfliesen, cementine, cementtegels

The MOSAIC factory group has 300 employees in production, control, logistics, design and marketing departments. Our Tangier factories manufacture four customisable types of products that are available online and include a large selection of models, colours and tile sizes. The traditional Cement Tile collection, which has been offered for the past 18 years under the brand “Mosaic del Sur” includes thousands of patterns and designs from all styles and eras. To these collections, we have also added modern patterns from renowned designers as well as from our in-house creative team. Terrazzo is a versatile material seen in tiles, slabs, work surfaces and objects. It is created by mixing recycled marble or glass pieces with cement or resin. After pouring and hardening, the Terrazzo is polished to reveal the beauty of the decorative elements. GRANITO is a fine-grained Terrazzo ideal for creating patterned tiles, larger slabs, furnishing and decorative elements. It is a resistant and hard-wearing product that can easily be re-polished. Zellige tiles originated in the Middle East and are known for the richness of their colours and endless decorative combinations. The tiles are individually handcrafted from a clay biscuit that is fired before being glazed and cut in a multitude of shapes.