FAQ Questions and answers

General INnformation

  • What are our lead times ?
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Minimum orders
  • How can I get a quote including shipping costs and place an order?
  • I cannot find the design/finish/size I like on the website; reproductions.
  • Branding: having my brand, logo or colour on Mosaic factory tiles.
  • MOSAIC ethics and the environment.
  • How to order samples
  • Can I pick up my order in the showroom?
  • Payment conditions and returns

Where to Lay Mosaic Factory Tiles: Exterior, Showers, Floors, Walls, Hight Traffic Areas

  • Exterior use: Cement / Terrazzo / Granito / Zellige.
  • Tiles in showers or wet areas: Cement / Terrazzo / Granito / Zellige
  • High traffic, public areas or places prone to stains: Cement / Terrazzo / Granito tiles.
  • Zellige tiles for floors
  • Underfloor heating

Product details, Technical Info, Installation, Stains and Cracks.

  • Cement tiles: definition
  • Terrazzo tiles: definition
  • Granito tiles: definition
  • Zellige tiles: definition
  • Installation and maintenance advice
  • Stains on cement-based tiles?
  • Cracks on tiles?
  • Technical product information, slip resistance and more.